Nancy Yang, Founder & CEO<BR>Kuai Ke Li, Ltd

Nancy Yang, the CEO of Kuai Ke Li Enterprise Co. Ltd. was born in 1961. According to Yang's mother, her mother loved eating ice desserts while her mother was pregnant. This was probably why Yang loved eating different types of slush and ice desserts since she was a little girl. You can often see Yang at an ice dessert shop enjoying a refreshing bowl of ice. She was extremely interested in these desserts. Due to Yang's father is a medical doctor and her mother is extremely hygiene, she also followed this good practice. Yang is very strict on having her franchisees keeping their sores spic and span. During the year of 1981, Yang had been exploring magazines from Japan, UA and Europe, and had discovered that the beauty of beverages can be so creative. This is where she began to have the idea of wishing that she could one day start her own beverage business and expanding it to all parts of the world.

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