Why Join Quickly?

  • Quickly has Highest Brand Recognition in the Bubble Tea Industry

  • Quickly has more store locations than our competitors.

  • Quickly's Licensing Program allows store owner more freedom in their business dealings

  • Quickly cover much bigger direct delivery area than our competitors.

  • Quickly has more commercial advertising and marketing activity than our competitors.

  • Quickly's Licensing Fee is much cheaper than our competitor's Franchise Fee

  • Quickly Do Not charge Royalty Fee.

  • Quickly Do Not charge Product Deposit Fee

  • Quickly Do Not charge Grand Opening Marketing Material Fee

  • Quickly Do Not charge additional Advertising Fee and Marketing Fee...etc

  • Quickly Do Not require ANY Mandatory Equipment has to purchase from us

  • Quickly Do Not require Licensee hire corporate approved architect or constructor for build out

  • Quickly Do Not require Licensee purchase Furniture, signage or decoration material from Corporate.

  • No marketing plan or system is prescribed and our licensee is left entirely free to operate the business according to the licensee's own marketing plan or system

  • Licensee may sell the product according to its own plan without express or implied limitations on the method or mode of sale.

  • Licensee may setup their unquie business model, to produce and resell Quickly's trade-marked products.

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